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God seeks and speaks

Way back in the beginning, when the Adam and Eve mucked up by disobeying the one and only command God had given them, they hid themselves in shame. But God searched for them and called out for them.

Where are you?

Despite them damaging their relationship with God, he still wanted relationship. They’d lost their way and felt utterly lost to God and to each other but God came looking like a shepherd looking for lost sheep.

God called out in love to his image bearers because he couldn’t bear to have part of his image separated from its loving source.

God seeks and God speaks

God continues to seek for his lost ones and continues to speak. The whole of creation ‘speaks’ of his wonder. God speaks to us through his Word, through the words of his people, and directly to our hearts and minds through the Holy Spirit.

One of our parish - prayers shared this quote with me;

“God speaks to those who take time to listen and

God listens to those who take time to pray.”

Are we listening? Do we have time to hear? We can’t make time but we can take time. We can set aside particular times for communication with God. It’s good for us to develop good prayer habits or we can slowly slip into a place where we neither listen or speak to God.

There’s no right time or wrong time to listen to God and to speak to him.

Maybe it’s better to say that all the time is the best time. I pray that we’ll have our ears, eyes, and minds open to hear God speak to us and that we’ll have confidence to speak.

God our Father, longs for a close and open relationship with each of us. What a privilege to have an ‘open door’ to our Father in heaven.

Let’s use it so we don’t lose it!


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