Small Groups

To further assist participants in our mission to GROW in Jesus, LIVE for Jesus and SHARE Jesus with others our small group ministry is a part of the vibrant life of the Bethany Tabor Parish.

Most of the small groups develop organically. Some have a specific short term purpose others have been meeting for a long time. 

Hebrews 10v24‐25  “Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another, to show love and do good. Let us not give up the habit of meeting together‐ instead, let us encourage one another all the more.”

There are opportunities for all ages to participate in regular small group activities...these can include special interest groups, fellowship and friendship groups, Bible learning groups, new Christian groups, worship, praise & prayer groups and service groups.

We are a Church OF Community and FOR the community.

Youth Groups

Junior Youth

Senior Youth




Friendship Groups

Bethany Women's Fellowship (Last Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm)

Tanunda Women's Fellowship (2nd Thursday of Month)

Prayer - Lounging with the Lord (Tuesdays 7.30pm)

Home Fellowship & Bible Study (Various)

Grow Love Community Garden (Thursday 8:30am near Crossroads)

Men's Group at Crossroads



Activity Based Groups

Catering and Food Services

Community Services

Property and Maintenance

Audio and Video Operators

Cemeteries Care



These are all groups in which you are welcome to become involved - Contact Us