Sunday, June 12th

12 June, 2022 Pastor Graham Harms

We thank Pastor Graham Harms for leading our worship services today.


Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 Wisdom’s role in creation

Romans 5:1-5 The Christian experience of the Trinity

John 16:12-15 The Spirit from God will bear witness to Jesus

THEME “Experiencing God”


Sunday, June 5th

5 June, 2022 Infusion

Infusion Service at Bethany


Genesis 11:1-9 The tower of Babel and confusion of tongues

Acts 2:1-21 The coming of the Holy Spirit

John 14:8-17 Jesus promises the Holy Spirit

THEME: Message from Infusion


Sunday, May 29th

29 May, 2022 Nevin Nitschke

We thank Nevin Nitschke for leading our worship services today.


Acts 16:16-34 Paul and Silas in prison

Revelation 22:12-14,16,17,20,21 Jesus is coming soon

John 17:20-26 Jesus prays for all believers

THEME Sermon Based on Acts 16:16-34


Sunday, May 22

22 May, 2022 Pastor Peter Hartwich

We thank Pastor Hartwich for leading our worship services today.

READINGS Acts 16:9-15 Paul takes the good news to Philippi Revelation 21:10, 22 - 22:5 The new Jerusalem John 14:23-29 I am going to the Father.

THEME Peace be with you


Sunday, May 15th

15 May, 2022 Brenton Miegel

We thank Brenton Miegel for leading our worship services today.

And a big thank you to Bob Moore for playing the organ.


Acts 11:1-18 Peter explains how God’s salvation is also for Gentiles

Revelation 21:1-6 God will wipe away all tears

John 13:31-35 The new commandment: love one another



Sunday, May 8th

8 May, 2022 Pastor Kriewaldt

We thank Pastor Kriewaldt for leading our worship services today.


Acts 9:36-43 Peter raises Tabitha (Dorcas) from death

Revelation 7:9-17 The Lamb is their shepherd

John 10:22-30 My sheep listen to my voice

THEME “Followers of Jesus”


Sunday, May 1st

1 May, 2022 Karen Pietsch

We thank Karen Pietsch for leading our worship service today.


Acts 9:1- 6(7-20) The conversion of Saul

Revelation 5:11-14 Worthy is the Lamb that was killed

John 21:1-19 Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish; words to Peter

THEME: What’s it all about?


Sunday, April 24th

24 April, 2022 Pastor Detlev Vosgerau

Our First Intergenerational Service

We thank Pastor Detlev Vosgerau for leading our worship services today.


Acts 5:27-32 The apostles boldly proclaim Jesus’ resurrection

Revelation 1:4-8 Every eye will see the Lord

John 20:19-31 Thomas sees the risen Christ and believes

THEME Jesus will show himself to us that we may have faith too


Easter Sunday, April 17th

17 April, 2022 Pastor Wally Schiller

We thank Pastor Wally Schiller for leading our worship services today.


Acts 10:34-43 Summary of Jesus’ life and ministry

1 Corinthians 15:1-11 The good news of Christ’s Resurrection

John 20: 1-18 Mary finds the tomb empty and Jesus appears to her

THEME The Empty Tomb