Jim Bryan Guest Preacher

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29 July, 2019

Pastor Jim Bryan will be our guest leader at all services on August 4

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Worship from an Autumn Garden

Autumn Garden

Trees, glorious with russet, amber, and burgundy leaves, tantalize my vision, ensuring a rapt audience for the prima donnas detaching and floating ground-wards to surf the currents, before piling into crowded corners or strewing languid along stretches of gutter, hoping for an encore with a passing breeze. Beyond them, hands of gold and orange cling to brown vines, showing as stripes against newly green hills.

All this leafy showcase drenched in rose gold sunlight that bathes a relieving balm through the crisp autumn air. A palette of rich colour and a mellow ambience that define my favourite season and, after summer’s toxic heat, administer a luscious syrup to my senses.

I thank you Lord for this wonderful season that revitalizes me from my summer lethargy and draws me outside again. Into the garden. Planting and wandering, simply enjoying, and taking time to be at peace in you. Amen.

Autumn worship:

Praise God for Autumn! For leaves. For colour. Sing your favourite hymn or song and rejoice in the Lord!

Look for psalms with verses that speak of creation praising the Creator. EG Ps 8, 96, 97, 98,104. Read some verses out loud and add words of your own to talk to Jesus.

Find a poem about autumn or a painting of autumn leaves. Let it inspire you to praise God.

Give thanks for your senses and for the variety of shape, form, and colour in creation. Make a list of all the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures, that bring delight to you and cause you to thank God.

Use words, or paints, or other art media to express worship to God. Create something beautiful as a thanksgiving or a witness to others.

Go into your garden or take a walk and enjoy looking at other gardens. Ask God to open your eyes and use your senses as well as your mind to reveal himself and to speak to you. What insights or parables of God’s kingdom does Jesus want to convey to you? Do any Bible passages come to mind?

Consider how we might all be better stewards of God’s beautiful creation. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you practical ways of respecting and caring for God’s world.

Enjoy the garden as God’s gift as you plant flowers or bulbs. Bless someone else with a plant or flowers.

Write a Bible verse, that speaks to you at this time, on a sheet of A4 paper. On another sheet write a prayer telling God the main thing on your heart and mind right now. Place some different coloured autumn leaves between your 2 sheets of paper and press them under some heavy books. Leave them until later in the year, when the time seems right to speak further with God about this. What has the Lord been saying and doing in your life since then? Review where you were at then, and how you are doing now. Is the same thing still uppermost in your mind? Let the pressed leaves be a reminder of God’s presence with you during the different seasons of life. Jesus is with you now and always.

Praise the Lord, everything he has created, everything in all his kingdom. Let all that I am praise the Lord. Psalm 103:22