1 July, 2019

Guest Preacher

Pastor Dave Preuss will be our guest preacher for Sunday July 7 at all services

28 June, 2019


How do disciples of Jesus live? What does it mean to be Jesus' disciples. This is on the menu for Sunday June 30

11 June, 2019

Trinity Sunday

The Trinity Mystery

Come and join us this Sunday June 16 as we celebrate our mysterious God.

Our God is one but our God consists of three distinct persons - like a 'family' of three people.

5 June, 2019


Come Holy Spirit

Sunday June 9 we celebrate the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the rush of people into the Christian church on its birthday

Come and join us and then be ready to have a day off to celebrate the dear old Queen's birthday

9 April, 2019

Step back in time

Part of the vintage festival, step back in time is coming.

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